Hey there! I'm Ivan,
a full-stack software engineer.

I'm currently building product and payment infrastructure @ Dots (YC S21)


I strive to build software products to add value into our everyday lives. I've been part of building 2 national-level products, RedeemSG and ParkingSG, the voucher distribution and parking payment systems for Singapore respectively. I also have a keen interest in finance and entrepreneurship, hoping to build a FinTech startup sometime in the future.

When I’m not actively coding, I engage in lots of sports to keep my body moving. I primarily play floorball, but also some tennis, badminton, golf, HIIT workouts, cycling and running.

I'm mainly familiar with



dots (yc s21) | software engineer #2

Jan 24 - Current | San Francisco, California

Building product and payment infrastructure to facilitate payments and payouts.

  • Watch this space! Check out my resume for more details.

open government products | senior software engineer

Jan 22 - Jan 24 | Singapore

Experimental arm of Singapore's government tech agency, building tech for public good. Contributed to the development of multiple national level products.

  • Led the development of the Secure Government Communications team, mentoring 2 junior engineers. Contributed to product and system design discussions, code reviews, and engineer growth.
  • Rearchitected and developed cloud infrastructure for the national coupon parking system ParkingSG, facilitating over 50k parking sessions daily. Improved monitoring and robustness of the system dramatically using AWS CDK, DataDog and Cronitor.
  • Built payment infrastructure for the national voucher distribution system RedeemSG, facilitating an average daily transaction volume of ∼1 million SGD using AWS Batch, EventBridge, Lambda, and API Gateway via CDK.

alphalab capital | software engineer intern

May 21 - Jul 21 | Singapore

An eye opening experience working in a quant, with a tinge of familiar internal web dev.

  • Integrated existing trading infrastructure to new cryptoexchanges for low latency quote retrieval and trade execution
  • Optimised several parts of infra-to-exchange interactions with A/B arbitration and hot code paths with Cython
  • Built internal web tools to monitor and manage core trading entities with React, Express and PostgreSQL

heads up | software engineer intern

Dec 20 - Feb 21 | Remote (SG x USA)

Joined as the first SWE intern of a pre seed startup, had to take on a lot of high impact tasks.

  • Implemented data source to destination syncflow with Next.js frontend and Flask + Airflow backend
  • Integrated data pipelines from Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery into web application
  • Ported over entire stack from AWS to Heroku to expedite development speed

open government products | software engineer intern

Apr 20 - Aug 20 | Singapore

Experimental arm of Singapore's government tech agency, building tech for public good.

  • Developed full features for an intra-government data sharing platform such as dataset graphing and privacy
  • Optimised query speeds by more than 100% using query profiling and debugging database storage configurations
  • Improved UI/UX of a location reporting mobile app which monitors high-risk COVID suspects on quarantine

canoo | software engineer intern

Aug 19 - Mar 20 | Los Angeles, California

An amazing overseas experience at an exciting EV start up.

  • Developed a vehicle monitoring platform from scratch with React, Serverless framework and AWS
  • Built datapipe lines from vehicle to cloud with AWS IoT Core, Lambda and DynamoDB

paypal | software engineer intern

May 19 - Jul 19 | Singapore

First time dealing with large scale software and systems.

  • Wrote rigorous large-scale functional tests for database validation of compliance decisions with TestNG
  • Experienced working with a massive codebase (Java) with multiple staging environments and dependencies


shearesintranet image

sheares intranet

internal student hostel data management webapp

jio image


a React Native app that facilitates group ordering of food

crypto image


a simple crypto tracking iOS app

mealdiary image


a lightweight iOS app that helps track your meals


Feel free to reach out to me at heyivanho@gmail.com and grab my resume below.